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Published in December 2016, the Pipe Club of Norfolk book covers the first 40 years of the club.

54 black and white pages with 40 pictures illustrating various events in the club's history.

This book represents a fascinating part of pipe smoking social history.

The .pdf file copy costs only GBP £4.99 or USD $5.99

To obtain a .pdf copy, simply click on the following Paypal link and enter payment details:


I shall email your .pdf copy as soon as I see your order.

A few hard copies are available on Ebay: click here 
Forthcoming events
All meetings at 8pm at the Fat Cat pub unless otherwise stated.

15 November - Cheese and pickles
20 December - Xmas draw
The PCN was featured on 'Have I Got News For You' - BBC1 - 14th October 2010.

You can download the video here: Pipe Club of Norfolk on Have I Got News For You.mp4 image

More about PCN on HIGNFY here. image

December : Xmas Draw
At the Cat for the annual Xmas draw.

This year's draw featured excellent prizes thanks to astute purchasing by the secretary who also managed to win more than his fair share.
Dominic, David, Len, John, Reg and Warman
November : Cheese and Pickles
Excellent turnout for the annual cheese and pickles.

Was particularly nice to see Dave Polhill and Richard Neville who had traveled considerable distances to see us. Also lovely to see the club's new members - Ben Conway and Toby Palmer - for the first time.
John Betts, Ben Conway, Toby Palmer, Dave Polhill, Richard Neville and Tony Larner
Dominic, Reg, John and David
Broken pipe : Keith John Coleman 1944 - 2017
Details of funeral arrangements for Keith.

Burial is to take place, with a non-religious ceremony, at 1.30 pm on Monday 11 December 2017 at Costessey Cemetery, Longwater Lane.

Costessey Cemetery, Longwater Lane image

Following burial, proceedings will continue at the Costessey Community Centre, also in Longwater Lane:

Costessey Community Centre, Longwater Lane image

Family flowers only and any donations to British Heart Foundation image

There will be a donations box at the ceremony.

Reg Walker conveys the sad news:

"Janet Coleman telephoned with the sad news that her husband Keith had suffered a second heart attack at their home in Norwich on the evening of 10 November 2017, from which he did not recover.

Keith joined HMSO as a Clerical Assistant in 1961, working in Manor Farm Press, then ITW Cornwall House before transferring to Norwich with the Advance Party in 1967. He worked in PS Registry, and as Clerk of Stationery, where he displayed his unique knowledge of every file number and every stock code number on the books. He also worked as Manager of HMSO Bookshop in Manchester, and married Janet in 1977, continuing to live in Costessey post-retirement.

Among Keith's passions were vintage motors (he rebuilt a Jowett Javelin) and motorcycles (AJS among others). He was very knowledgeable as regards 78 rpm gramophone records, and a lifelong pipe-smoker, being a founder member of the Pipe Club of Norfolk (founded 1973). The photograph shows him in typical pose, measuring the length of cigar ash for a Club Contest in 2013."

John Eason:

"What a shock!

I have known Keith ever since he joined HMSO, and can still see him as the young lad that he was then. We shall all miss him for his quiet sense of humour, and his deep knowledge of so many subjects.

It was always a pleasure to chat with him, and to give him a gentle leg pull about Tottenham Hotspurs. At least he lived to see them beat Real Madrid.

RIP Keith."

David Woollard-Kingston:

"Dreadful news. So sorry to hear this. "

John Betts:

"This is very sad news I had hoped might not be received. I have always thought of Keith as being very consistent and liked his often quirky response to things. We're all going to miss him."

Tony Larner:

"Very sad to hear this dreadful news.

I agree with John, Keith had an old school way about him which I liked. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Perhaps on Wednesday we can reflect on our memories of Keith, and raise a glass to a lost dear friend and pipeman."
October : Annual clay
Congratulations to Tony who writes...

A fine evening in the conservatory saw the chairman secure a facile victory in the clay, recording a time well in excess of the combined efforts of all the others. Every dog eventually has it's day.
Unfortunately, Dave couldn't get his pipe going and was never really alight. I don't think it helped that he shared lighters with John not that it was much of a concern to all. Keith had a large bowled clay and the light never really made it to the fuel in the bowl. Next year I recommend he uses a flame-thrower.
John put up a good show. The flake was a challenging fuel for a clay and it seemed only an experienced and skillful pipeman could triumph as I did.

John Betts adds...

The use by the chairman of an unconventional pipe seemed to be a clinching factor!?
A stewards enquiry really should be considered. It seems TL has a penchant for unconventional approaches to the clay i. e. handkerchiefs as a screen, so called pinhole shanks that can't be unblocked but are then miraculously cleared just in the nick of time, chat about distant celebrity relatives to distract honest competitors - the list is endless - conventional pipe smoking, humbug, seems like an Italianesk approach to it all to me and to boot, some dodgy time keeping by DWK.

Thank goodness for Keith's hospitality and the sensible conversation that followed to restore the worth of belonging to our illustrious organisation - now to look forward to the cheese and pickles evening at the Fat Cat next month where the company of long standing and new members conversation can be eagerly anticipated?
Annual clay
Smoky Conservatory
18 October 2017
Louisiana flake
Contestant's choice of pipe
1Tony Larner 41:00
2John Betts 21:00
3Keith Coleman 9:00
4David Woollard-Kingston 2:00
September : The Music House
This year's field trip was to the Music House (aka Jurnet's Bar) in King Street, Norwich. Many thanks to our guide, Dr Dominic Summers, who showed us round a fascinating old building which was started in the twelfth century and is one of the oldest buildings in Britain.

The building now houses a bar which I thoroughly recommended.

In other news: the club secretary has deposited the entire club archive since 1973 with the Norfolk Record Office archive for posterity.
John, David, John, Tony and Dominic
August : Annual 4 grams
At the Fat Cat and Canary again, this time for the annual 4 grams outdoor competition. Norwich City FC were playing at home so we had the pub to ourselves.

Congratulations to John Betts for a famous victory.
Chairman Tony congratulates John
Annual 4 grams
Fat Cat and Canary
16 August 2017
Best brown
Contestant's choice of pipe
1John Betts 64:00
2David Woollard-Kingston 60:40
3Tony Larner 39:20
4Keith Coleman 37:40
5John Walker 33:40
July : Fat Cat and Canary
Off to the Fat Cat and Canary for a pint and a mardle. An excellent pub run by Colin Keatley who also runs our usual meeting place, the Fat Cat.

David, John and Keith
June: Turmeaus
We started the evening with a very nice meal at the Thai Jasminum restuarant in Rollesby (highly recommended) and then went to Turmeaus for an hour or so to indulge ourselves. The hospitality at Turmeaus was up to its usual high standard and a very pleasant time was had by all. Thanks to Liam and Cally who looked after us. The secretary managed to exercise some restraint with his purchases this year!

Tucking in!
Cally, Liam, David, John, Tony and Keith
New members!
We wish to welcome Ben Conway and Toby Palmer, two new members who joined the club in May. They have seen the light and are switching from cigarettes to pipes. A very sensible choice!

May : Quiz
Delighted to see David Bates who travelled all the way from the West Midlands for this month's meeting.

We had a quiz set by Phil Smith and Tony "Bamber" Larner was the question master. Len and John Walker came joint first.
John, Len, David and David
"Bamber" Larner
April : Annual 3 grams
Another win by the odds-on favourite David Woollard-Kingston. Thanks to Keith and Janet Coleman for letting us use their conservatory again.
Chairman Tony congratulates David
Annual 3 grams
Smoky Conservatory
19 April 2017
Best brown
Contestant's choice of pipe
1David Woollard-Kingston 62:15
2Tony Larner 40:50
3Keith Coleman 29:35
4John Walker 27:35
5John Betts 17:35
March : AGM
The AGM was held at the Fat Cat. Chairman Larner gave a short review of the previous year's activities and the secretary went into more detail. The treasurer reported that the club funds are in sound order even after taking into account the costs of producing the book of the club's history.

The officers were re-elected apart from John Betts who voluntarily stood down. John was thanked by the members of the club for his service over the years.

Club officers:

Chairman: Tony Larner
Secretary: John Walker
Treasurer: Keith Coleman
Auditor: John Eason

The assembled throng
February : Games evening
We spent a cold February evening playing an assortment of games.
Keith and Len playing crib
January : Social evening
We are pleased to see that sales of the pipe club book (both the hard copy and .pdf version) are booming.

After deciding on the meetings for the first part of the year, the members had a very pleasant social evening.
The National College of Smoking
The National College of Smoking
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The Pipe Club of Norfolk 1973 to 2010 Miscellany
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1945 Newsreel - Charatan factory
1945 Newsreel - Charatan factory image
Taken from Pipeline magazine
Pipeline magazine ran from 1969 to 1978. It was published by the Pipe Club of Great Britain, 17-19 John Adam Street, London.

Here are a few pieces scanned from it. Image intensive! image
Pangbourne Pipe Club - 1940
Interesting Pathé newsreel of Pangbourne Pipe Club in 1940. image

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