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Published in December 2016, the Pipe Club of Norfolk book covers the first 40 years of the club.

54 black and white pages with 40 pictures illustrating various events in the club's history.

This book represents a fascinating part of pipe smoking social history.

The .pdf file copy costs only GBP £4.99 or USD $5.99

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Here are some thoughts by various people about the benefits of pipe and cigar smoking, courtesy of some members at Smokers Forums 
  • Pipe and cigar smoking is good for you because it aids relaxation and reduces stress. 70 to 80 percent of ALL doctor visits are stress related.
  • Pipes provide warmth and comfort on cold winter days.
  • Pipes are useful for gesturing with and poking at people.
  • Pipes help us to be more eccentric and individual.
  • Pipes are useful for creating smoke to blow over annoying people.
  • Pipes are tactile and provide pleasure and satisfaction from caressing.
  • The taxes that pipe and cigar smokers pay help fund worthwhile government projects.
  • Especially with cigar smoking, you help 3rd-world countries develop their industries and earn a living on their own!
  • Pipes add beauty to the world, and the smoke adds a lovely aroma.
  • Pipes and cigars provide a basis for fellowship.
  • Pipe smoking saves people from cigarettes I don't inhale pipe smoke directly into my lungs on each drag, don't chew on tobacco leaves (releasing the juice into my mouth), don't smoke as often as I did with cigarettes I don't notice lung deficiencies when playing sports or cycling, as I did with cigs I don't suffer withdrawals when unable to smoke my pipe--I don't get headaches, nervousness, irritability (as I did with cigarettes) So, basically, I smoke a pipe when and because I want to--not because I have to satisfy an addiction Because of all this, pipe smoking has greatly improved my quality of life.
  • Pipes represent one of the few functional art forms.
  • Pipe smoking provides a time for reflection.
  • Pipe collecting is a rewarding hobby.
  • Cigars and pipes help me get "reconnected" with spirit, inducing a meditative state in which the Universe and my place in it can be assessed in their proper perspective.
  • The relaxation of a pipe or cigar after a meal does wonders for digestion, shifting the body from the "Fight or Flight" mode of the normal day , to a healing and rejuvenation mode making the best use of what we eat, and giving the body a chance to recoup.
  • It also gives craftspeople a place to sell their work - not to mention starting us as individuals in making stuff. Just look at all the wonderful custom made pipe-racks and humidors. Certainly helps the glass industry with all these canning jars we stock out tobaccos in!
  • "Pipe smoking provides a time for reflection" I know a lot of my creative endeavors are made easier while smoking my pipe, namely writing and editing.
  • Also, Family Tradition. Something that instills memories most comforting and pronounced. How many remember a particular grandparent or uncle, what have you, solely on the basis of their blend (aroma) of tobacco, smoke-ring tricks and thoughtfully puffing advice?
  • Zero calories.
  • Oh, I forgot--smoking chases away biting insects I know, I hike a lot. When fishing, my father would never be without one of his little cigars.
  • Pipe smoking is a great treatment for ADHD I can't focus well without it.
  • Smoking a great tobacco in a great pipe is a complete act in itself. Nothing else is needed, as it invokes deep thinking, imagination, relaxation, enjoyment of the senses.
  • Sharing experiences in pipe smoking is a fantastic way of meeting great humans.
  • Admiring, searching, finding, touching or holding a beautiful pipe is a pleasure by itself.
  • Searching for the next great blend or pipe, through countless efforts, reviews, fellow recommendations, or through pure luck, reignites ancient or child-like experiences of treasure hunting.
  • Pipe smoking combines an art and a craft in a unique way.
  • Few other hobbies have so many different aspects to them.
  • The pleasure of pipe smoking is unique.
  • Warms the hand that holds it, and lightens the heart of the one who smokes it.
  • The relaxation and contentment that comes with smoking a pipe makes me happy That's good enough for me!
  • I couldn't have put it better myself There is no way I could have stopped the dreaded cigarettes without the help of the pipe. Much more effective than the useless nicotine patches (and much more enjoyable!)
  • I also find that, when I'm in a lot of pain, the pipe is a wonderful 'crutch'.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, it has put me in touch with the most helpful and friendly people I know.
  • I'm not addicted, I just love the wonderful feeling of relaxation that you get when you smoke the pipe.
  • Cigars and pipes are relaxing to smoke.
  • Cigars and pipes makes great conversation.
  • Cigars and pipes build bridges over the generation gap.
  • Cigars can be smoked in a pipe!
  • Proper smoking instills the gift of patience as it is necessary for proper smoking.
  • I find that smoking a pipe gives me the needed distraction to relax after a hard day.
  • The curling smoke is an art form entirely of nature (unless of course you're blowing rings).
  • Have a high stress job If it wasn't for my pipe, I'd have shot a boss or two by now.
  • Pipe smoking gives me something to look forward to every day I'd be sad without my pipes!
  • Pipe smoking adds to my family bliss. When I have a pipe in my mouth, I can't yell at the kids without spewing burning ash all over my shirt.
  • Smoking a new blend in a new pipe provides immediate (albeit short term) relief from both PAD and TAD (Pipe Acquisition Disorder:Tobacco Acquisition Disorder).
  • It gives you another way of showing your individuality.
  • It is universally uniting.
  • It is something you can enjoy that enhances lifes other pleasures.
  • Pipe smoking is good for your well being.
  • It makes you think better ( I ought to smoke more often).
  • Keep you from doing anything foolish.
  • Trains you in decision making ( In my case 27 pipes * 11 baccies = 297 alternatives).
  • Pipe smoking is (IMHO) by nature a very contemplative act, it affords one the opportunity to exercise their mind as well as soothing their spirit Thus, it not only serves to make the smoker look smarter, but also exercises the mind to actually help make the smoker smarter!!!
  • Maintains the crafts, arts and materials required for one of mankind's oldest spiritual/religious activities breaching all cultural and continental boundaries.
  • Pipes and cigars are what I consider a worthwhile hobby.
  • Pipes and cigars trigger all kinds of positive and wonderful memories of Grandfathers and baseball games with those same people.
  • Some of us used to work alone a lot. Many times the only company we had or have is a pipe and some of our favorite blends.
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