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Published in December 2016, the Pipe Club of Norfolk book covers the first 40 years of the club.

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Forthcoming events
All meetings at the Fat Cat unless otherwise stated.

18 Dec - Xmas draw
15 Jan - Auction
19 Feb - Music quiz
19 Mar - AGM
The PCN was featured on 'Have I Got News For You' - BBC1 - 14th October 2010.

You can download the video here: Pipe Club of Norfolk on Have I Got News For You.mp4 image

More about PCN on HIGNFY here. image
December - Xmas draw
Excellent Xmas draw where the webmaster/secretary won most of the prizes and then gave some of them away to the less fortunate in the club. A fine profit of 40 was made - result happiness.
November - cheese and pickles
The strangeness continued with the darts having to be cancelled due to temporary closure of the Nelson. Enquiries later discovered that there was a temporary manager in place and that the new shed was not ready for us to use. It looks as though we may not be able to return to the Nelson and have readjusted our annual timetable accordingly.

So the cheese and pickles was moved down the road to the back room at the Fat Cat - an outstandingly good pub.

We had an excellent cheese evening thanks to Mrs Eason's excellent choice of various cheeses, the only drawback being that we had to nip outside for a smoke.
October - a surprise
We turned up at the Nelson to discover that the shed had been demolished due to structural problems. Just as well it did not collapse when we were in it!

So instead of Keith's music quiz, we had a social meeting and discussed what we were going to do next. The gloom was raised with the appearance of a new member, Ian.

More good news came when the landlord appeared and told us that a new shed was going to be built and would be ready for the next meeting.
Huddled in the smoking shelter
September - clay competition
Annual clay
Smoky Shed
18 June 2013
MacBaren's Vanilla
Contestant's choice of pipe
1David Wollard-Kingston 62:10
2Len Ellis 60:10
3John Betts 55:05
4John Walker 44:30
5Tony Larner 41:30
6Keith Coleman 35.55
7Frank Gurney-Smith 32.10
Well done to David who seems unbeatable in the competitions.

The tobacco was MacBarens Vanilla - a very pleasant smoke for some but one usually avoided by most, including the secretary.

As things turned out, this was to be our last meeting in the shed at the Nelson.
Puffing away
Len congratulates winner David while Tony looks on
August - auction
The first auction for a couple of years produced a total of 46.55 for club funds. Many thanks to Frank King who donated his late father's pipes to the club. A very kind thought, Frank.

A short meeting decided that the club subscription should stand at six guineas.
Before the bidding started
Tony cuts the PCN cake
August - bowls
Off to the Sheringham for the annual bowls match with our friends at the Morley Club.

A sumptuous buffet followed which included a delicious PCN cake. Many thanks to Elizabeth for her efforts.
Tony and Keith
The PCN cake
One of Tony's better efforts
Keith throws the jack
BPSC 2013 - a triumph!
BPSC 2013
21 July 2013
Rum and Maple
Peterson Aran 15
2David 57:30
6John 50:00
14Keith 43:12
24Tony 30:44
The British Pipe Smoking Championship 2013 was a triumph with the club winning the team event.

Four PCN members - David, Keith, Tony and the secretary made their way to the showground at Newark on a cool summer's day.

It was nice to see our old friends from the many pipe clubs up and down the country, especially PCN member Dave Polhill.

The 34-man competition got under way at 3 pm with several early fallers. The PCN team held together until the 30th minute when Tony developed a blockage and was extinguished. Keith pressed on until minute 43 by which time most of the field had fallen. The secretary managed sixth place with a very creditable 50 minutes and David was pipped to the post by a short head after an outstanding 57 minutes.

The team was awarded the Darren Jenner Shield and each member won a briar ebauchon pipe-making kit in recognition of an outstanding victory. (Anyone got a lathe?)

Many thanks to the organisers, Brian Mills and Mark Dyer, and to Garry Weston who scrounged so many excellent prizes.

Keith and David before the start
Tony at the same table
David nears the end
July - picture quiz
Off to the Fat Cat and Canary for another one of Ronnie Bobbin's picture quizzes. Needless to say, Ronnie did not disappoint and produced a particularly challenging set of questions.

Frank King turned up for the first time this year, promptly won the quiz with 27/48 points and was awarded 25 grams of tobacco.
The quizzers
Pipe Club Xmas Draw - A report by an anonymous member
While the memory of last year's Christmas Draw may have faded from some of our memories, for others the pain remains. And besides there are a few questions that some of the members would like answered before we start putting our money onto this year's monthly sheets.

First among them of course is how do the Hon Sec and the Chair manage to win the first dozen or so prizes to come out of the hat? It happens every year, and I think it is a secret that must be passed down from one generation of official to the next. Any hopes that the new Hon Sec would not win as many prizes as Keith used to were soon dispelled when JW won The hamper from Fortnum and Mason, the crate of Chateau Margaux and the giant Turkey donated by E Scrooge Esq while the Chairperson was walking away with treasure beyond our wildest dreams. Meanwhile poor Reg Walker went home sans anything as far as I can recall. How do they do it?

Secondly I want to know if the wife of the member who turned down a lovely box of chocolates ever found out what he had done. He'll need to make a smart getaway on his AJS if she does.

This year of course hard times are going to bite. Prizes are to be cut to the bone. After all as the Hon Treasurer has pointed out we are all in it together. Maybe so, but I'm prepared to place two small bets on the first names to come out of the hat.

A Small Quiz to Take Your Mind Off Things.

Who are or were:
01 Charters and Manners
02 Lewis and Clark
03 Hall and Oates
04 Gilbert and Sullivan
05 Gilbert and George
06 George and The Dragon
07 Mason and Dixon
08 Allcock and Brown
09 Burke and Wills
10 Nervo and Knox
11 Duckworth and Lewis
12 Ridley and Newton
13 Latimer and Ridley
14 Chancellor and Willoughby
15 Fundin and Gooch
16 Burgess and Maclean
17 Monk and Glass
18 Armstrong and Miller
19 Goffin and King
20 Lambert and Butler

Answers in a future edition if I am spared that long.
June - 4 grams
Annual 4 grams
Smoky Shed
19 June 2013
Highland Whisky
Contestant's choice of pipe
1David 77:40
2Len 66:00
3Tony 62:15
4John E. 55:45
5John W. 53:10
6John B. 43.50
7Frank 35.00
8Keith 18.50
The 4 grams event with the tobacco kindly donated by the secretary and raffle prizes kindly donated by Tony.

The tobacco was Stokkeby's Highland Whisky - a very pleasant smoke with a nice room note. Well done to David who won with an excellent time as usual.
The assembled throng
Len congratulates winner David while Tony looks on
May - cigar competition
The invigilator's report:

May 15 2013 saw the latest incarnation of the cigar smoking contest. This you may recall requires the contestant to achieve the longest ash length using identical cigars.

It is clear that over the years the contestants have honed their skills, for this years event was remarkably close, only fractions of an inch separating the field. Mr Walker started like a train, intent on producing a measurable ash in the shortest time and then sitting back to see the competition fail to match it. For a while it seemed to work. The Chairman briefly threatened and overtook Mr Walker but then crumbled and fell off.

Mr Larner's measured approach seemed to have a chance until his lengthy ash column decided to emulate Richard III and bend sideways. All this time Mr Betts, whose miniscule length had evinced derision early on, continued to grow steadily so that towards the end only he and DWK were left competing for the prize.

Eventually Mr Betts prevailed, by dint of maintaining a vertical ash, by 0.03 inches.

It should be mentioned that measuring technology has not kept pace with advances in technique. The manual method with its inevitable parallax error and the danger of knocking off the ash during the measure may no longer be fit for purpose. If anyone can suggest an optical measuring method it would be appreciated.
Keith the invigilator. I hadn't realised that John Betts' head was so small.
April - 3 grams
Annual 3 grams
Smoky Shed
17 April 2013
Louisiana Flake
Contestant's choice of pipe
1David Wollard-Kingston 63:04
2Len Ellis 57:50
3Tony Larner 48:50
4John Eason 29:15
5John Walker 26:30
6Keith Coleman 22.20
The main event of the year with a raffle prize kindly donated by Keith.

Don Warman has just written to send belated apologies. He says that he had intended to make the last meeting but... and I can do no more than quote his letter '....I was, amazingly, prevented by the unexpected thickness of my sirloin steak which took sufficiently long to grill to my satisfaction...' (Contd. p 94). The one true Warman.

Well done to David who won with an excellent time.
John and Keith with the old Nelson pub sign
Keith, David and Tony looking relaxed
Len congratulates winner David while Tony looks on
March - Finance meeting
The treasurer put forward detailed proposals for reforming the club's finances. These were accepted and the members thanked Keith for his hard work.
February - AGM
The AGM was held this month. A sad year with the loss of two members - Keith Garrard and Frank King Senior. The club has 13 paid-up members. It was decided that economies are needed and the treasurer would produce a report to be presented at the March meeting with proposals for improving the club's financial situation.

All the club's officers were re-elected.

The club's officers are:

Chairman - Len Ellis
Secretary - John Walker
Treasurer - Keith Coleman
Auditor - Tony Larner
January - AGM cancelled
For the first time ever, the AGM was cancelled due to very cold weather and icy conditions.

The AGM will now take place at the February meeting.
Rumpole uses the Common Law to defend the right to smoke
The Broads Awards 2012
The 5th Annual Broads Awards took place at the Ferry Inn, Horning on Saturday 3rd November and was a resounding success with over 100 people in attendance who all had a very enjoyable evening. The Ferry provided an excellent carvery dinner followed by the Red Carpet ceremony and entertainment from local band Hard Rain.

The 'Most Smoker Friendly Pub' award (sponsored by the Pipe Club of Norfolk) was won by The Ship, Reedham. image

The Pipe Club of Norfolk 1973 to 2010 Miscellany
A Short History of the Club and its Activities image
Amend the smoking ban
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1945 Newsreel - Charatan factory
1945 Newsreel - Charatan factory image
Taken from Pipeline magazine
Pipeline magazine ran from 1969 to 1978. It was published by the Pipe Club of Great Britain, 17-19 John Adam Street, London.

Here are a few pieces scanned from it. Image intensive! image
Pangbourne Pipe Club - 1940
Interesting Pathé newsreel of Pangbourne Pipe Club in 1940. image

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