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Published in December 2016, the Pipe Club of Norfolk book covers the first 40 years of the club.

54 black and white pages with 40 pictures illustrating various events in the club's history.

This book represents a fascinating part of pipe smoking social history.

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Oirschot, Netherlands April 2004
Top scorers
1Hans Sonderman (Dordtrecht NL) 2:30:00
2 Rudi Kirbo (DK) 1:54:13
3Fritz Molder 1:41:12
4Luc Vijgen (NL) 1:37: 57
5Ton Visser (WPG NL) 1:31:21
Top lady
8Jannie Zondag (DPG NL) 1:22:30
PCN members' results
35Keith Garrard 47:58
66John Eason 27:40
67Robert Quartley 27:13
Keith Garrard, Robert Quartley (background) Jean-Marie LAURENT (Confrrie des Vieux Fourneaux) and John Eason
Two smokers from Middelburg
Jannie Zondag from Dordtecht & Karsten Wahl from Copenhagen
Keith and John Eason
Keith and a Great Dane
The winner Hans Sonderman
Keith Garrard
A satisfied smoker!!!
The competition in action
Steven van Duyvelden from Belgium
The winner Hans Sonderman
BBC TV shoot
Special Meeting 2 June 2004

A special meeting was arranged so that BBC Look East cameras could film us 'training' for the British Championship. We assembled in the Rosary clubroom and held a contest smoking 3 grammes of the British Championship tobacco, Samuel Gawith's Firedance Flake in pipes of the members' choice.

BBC reporter Dean Arnett interviewed most of the members prior to the start of the contest, after which our Chairman ran through the rules. First out of the running was Frank King Senior with 28'05. Len Ellis finished third with 52'20, John Betts second with 53'25and the winner was Reg Walker with 61'40. Luckily the camera did not pick up the unseemly grumblings of 'only win when there's no prize, mutter mutter.' The following evening edited highlights of the film were shown on Look East, with the stars of the show being Frank Snr. ('it's cos me leg's playing up'), Keith Coleman (rumours are that BBC are commissioning a series on his training regime of jogging and press-ups, not to speak of 'tobacco-caressing') and Tony 'Ive got a blockage' Larner. John Walker's attempt to inject a riper comment in the pre-watershed programme was unfortunately masked with a fit of someone's coughing.

A light-hearted piece of television, well put together. Well done Dean, who should be encouraged by the fact that people as far away as Southend and (incredibly) Spain rang in to say that they had seen it.
Say "Cheese!"
Len briefs the film Director
John, Reg, Keith and Colin
Frank King Senior, Frank Junior and Tony Larner
John Eason, John Betts and Reg Walker
The creature from the mist!!!
Don Warman muses
John Walker is bloody disgusted!
More shooting!!!
John Elvin, Manager of Churchills Tobacconist, Norwich, proudly displays the shield that he won in the PCN 2004 Bowls Competition.
Frank King Jnr winner of the PCN Clay Pipe Competition 2004 receives his prize from PCN Chairman, Len Ellis
Tony Larner, runner-up of the PCN Clay Pipe Competition 2004 receives his prize from PCN Chairman, Len Ellis
Reg Walker
John Eason
James Oxley-Brennan
Tony Larner
Frank King Jnr
Len Ellis
Keith Garrard
Colin Wylie
John Betts
Frank King Snr
Keith Coleman
John Elvin
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